About us

B.V. Technical Bureau Uittenbogaart is situated in the heart of the Rotterdam port, featuring our state-of-the-art office. Our dedicated team of technical advisors and service technicians is available 24/7, providing comprehensive technical support. Our experienced service technicians are globally accessible for repairs, commissioning, and technical assistance. They receive continuous training to ensure their knowledge remains up-to-date, thanks to our exclusive partnerships. From our well-stocked warehouse, we can promptly deliver spare parts. In cases where the spares aren't in stock, we can swiftly source them from our factories.

At TBU, we excel in maintaining, repairing, and calibrating your products. Our high advisory function is one of our core strengths. We exclusively represent renowned brands and can assist you with inquiries about other brands and services, including fixed and portable gas measuring instruments, safety equipment, cargo hoses, and more. Our clientele includes major shipyards, ship owners, design firms, traders, and more. Our services cater to all types of vessels, ranging from naval ships to luxury yachts, and from tankers to tugboats. 

Our mission, vision and values

Mission - TBU is a specialized maritime sales and service provider offering a wide range of marine systems, spare parts, and services. We are dedicated to assisting you, our valued customer, in enhancing vessel performance and reducing the total cost of ownership. TBU serves as the essential link between you, the customer, and our European principals.

Our technical expertise forms the foundation of our specialization. With a legacy spanning 95 years, we have cultivated in-depth knowledge in various product areas, including deck, engine room, and galley equipment, tank level measurements, oil-in-water monitors, and more.

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History of TBU

 Technisch Bureau Uittenbogaart was established in 1927 by Mr. F.W. Uittenbogaart, the great-grandfather of our present Managing Director. As the owner of the shipping company Hannah, he developed a keen interest in selling maritime products, including Sterntube seals from Deutsche Werft A.G.

Given that the fleet was frequently at sea, their inspectors often found themselves onshore. This led to the idea of securing the representation of Deutsche Werft and involving the inspectors in promoting stern tube applications at other shipyards. This endeavor proved highly successful, giving birth to TBU. Over the years, our product range expanded significantly. Although the shipowner Hannah ceased operations in the 1970s, Technisch Bureau Uittenbogaart has continued to thrive and represent principals dating back to the company's inception.