GreenOil Filter 

GreenOil Standard is a Danish manufacturer of filter systems for cleaning marine diesel, hydraulic and lubricating oil. 
The company was established in 2008 and TBU has been a dealer since 2019.    

Diesel  Lubricating Oil Hydraulics

Easy maintenance of a compact filter that requires very little space.


Replace separators

Filter systems that replace the use of diesel and lubricating oil separators and are used for maintenance of the oil on hydraulic systems for thrusters, gear, crane, power packs, stern tube etc.

Low maintenance, removes particles from oil and 
removes free, emulsified and bound water.

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Benefits of using GreenOil filter

Removes particles and water from the system and reduces the risk of downtime. 

The filter has significantly lower energy consumption than when using separators and a maintenance-free water separation that results in lower operating costs.

We can even make a calculation how quickly the ROI is on the unit, based on your equipment onboard.

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