Jets™ Vacuum Sanitary Systems offer unmatched design flexibility, making them perfect for diverse marine applications. Their simple in-line installation, absence of tanks, compact footprint, and customizable configurations make Jets™ the preferred choice for vessels ranging from fishing boats to cruise ships. These systems ensure efficient use of space and provide reliable performance. Whether you need a solution for a small boat or a luxury yacht, Jets™ delivers the optimal sanitary system to meet your unique marine needs. Experience superior sanitation with Jets™ Vacuum Sanitary Systems.


Vacuumarators are the core component of every JETS™ vacuum sanitary system. 

They generate the vacuum and ensure reliable removal of crushed solids into designated tanks or sewer systems via the integrated cutting unit.

Compared to other systems, JETS™ Vacuumarators are exceptionally energy-efficient, compact, and robust. Made from high-quality materials, these vacuum pumps are designed for simple installation and easy maintenance. 

Choose Jets™ for superior performance and reliability in marine sanitation.

Reliable and Stylish Jets® Vacuum Toilets

Jets® vacuum toilets are renowned for their reliability and exceptional design. 

As customer preferences shift towards aesthetically pleasing options, Jets® collaborates with top Scandinavian designers to create elegant yet functional toilets.

Offering a range of toilets, urinals, and squat pans in high-quality china and stainless steel, Jets® meets diverse needs. 

The Pearl toilet, honored with the Norwegian Design Council's award for Design Excellence, exemplifies this commitment to superior design and performance. 

Choose Jets® for reliable, stylish, and award-winning sanitary solutions.

Efficient JETS™ Grey Water Tanks

JETS™ grey water tanks seamlessly connect conventional drainage systems to the JETS™ vacuum system. 

Ideal for washbasins, showers, coffee machines, bakeries, and cold stores, they eliminate the need for unreliable and maintenance-heavy pumps and lifting systems.

 Available in durable lightweight plastic and robust stainless steel, JETS™ grey water tanks offer versatility and efficiency for various applications. 

Experience reliable integration and reduced maintenance with JETS™ grey water tanks, designed to enhance your drainage system's performance.

Simplify Maintenance with Jets™ RagBox™

Searching for blockages in vacuum sanitary systems is unpleasant and time-consuming. 

The patented RagBox™ from Jets™ Vacuum AS revolutionizes this process, making it significantly easier to remove foreign objects. 

Designed for both new and existing systems, RagBox™ also includes a descaling dosing unit connection. 

Enhance your vacuum sanitary system's efficiency and reduce maintenance hassles with the innovative RagBox™. 

This unique solution ensures smooth operation and easy blockage removal, optimizing performance and reliability for your sanitary systems.

Main Characteristics

  • Maintenance time reduced to seconds
  • Reduced smell
  • Easy access
  • Requires little space
  • Can be installed horizontal and vertically