Sliding Shoe Pumps

Properties and applications

"Sliding shoe" design":

The “sliding shoe” pump from Megator is unique compared to all other pumps in the world. This pump offers the advantages of many other pump types in a pump. No other pump has as many unique design features and benefits.

The self-priming positive displacement pump provides exceptional suction power and versatility.


The Megator pump can't run dry by its unique design, is easy to install, can be serviced inplace, achieves high suction heights, delivers constant flow at different feed heights, easy to operate, removes the last drop from container, minimal emulsion formation.


Maximum flow rate = 60m3 / h
Maximum suction height = 8.2m
Maximum viscosity of liquid = 5000cSt
Maximum head = 75m

Available in bronze, cast iron and aluminum housing

Air, diesel, electric, hydraulic or petrol powered.

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